Life in affordable housing

In Australia, as with many other western nations, we are facing what many call a housing crisis, with many Australians unable to afford decent, secure housing. Providing affordable housing products through social and community housing providers is one piece of the puzzle. I was recently privileged to have to opportunity to tour properties developed and managed by the Brisbane Housing Company. Outgoing CEO, David Cant kindly gave me a tour of two BHC properties – Richmond in Bowen Hills and Green Square in Fortitude Valley.

While each building had a different tenancy and tenure mix, both represent good quality design in high density housing. The attention to detail in the common areas, including cross ventilation, landscaping, communal amenities and security were outstanding – my photos don’t do it justice.

Green Square central atrium - provides a cool, tranquil environment for cross ventilation and socialising

Richmond is set around a large central atrium with communal outdoor entertaining areas on several levels

I was also lucky enough to meet the Richmond Building Manager Ray, and Green Square tenants Phil and Kerry – all of whom were generous with their time and gave me an insight into their lives in these buildings. Kerry’s story about the difference having security of tenure in quality, affordable housing has made in her life was inspiring.

And that’s the point.

Buildings are just buildings. It’s the people in them and their lives that really matter.

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