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31 May 2018

People have a primal need to be together.  We are drawn to each other and to form groups. 

To associate.

Is it any wonder then that membership associations are so prevalent in Australian society?  

For those that don’t work in the Association sector it might not be something that you notice, but stop and think about it for a moment and you’ll see how strongly membership organisations bind our society at every level, from professional, industry and political associations, to socia...

19 Feb 2018

Since moving to Brisbane at the start of 2017 I’ve been telling everyone I meet about the great place I live – Nundah. I’ve been seduced by Nundah, which feels more urban village than typical Australian suburb.

31 Jan 2018

As a strong believer in lifelong learning, I challenged myself over the summer with formal study. While others were spending the holidays in the surf and by the pool, I spent many days and nights sitting at the computer pouring over academic literature, watching online lectures and doing assignments.  

With no formal business qualifications other than the AICD Company Directors Course, I recognised last year that my personal and professional growth would benefit from further study. 

I have emb...

10 Aug 2017

In Australia, as with many other western nations, we are facing what many call a housing crisis, with many Australians unable to afford decent, secure housing.  Providing affordable housing products through social and community housing providers is one piece of the puzzle. I was recently privileged to have to opportunity to tour properties developed and managed by the Brisbane Housing Company. Outgoing CEO, David Cant kindly gave me a tour of two BHC properties – Richmond in Bowen Hills and...

11 May 2017

Having a break can be a good thing.  It gives you time to rest, to think, to explore. You can get things done or you can do nothing at all. You can focus on your closest circle or you can cast your net wide and do and the “we should catch up’s” that you never had time for before.

Coming out the other side of a four month break after finishing a six year role as the CEO of the Planning Institute of Australia, I feel like I’ve done a bit of it all.  I’ve packed up a house, car and a child to re...

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